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Though digital photography has clearly overthrown the printed-picture industry, some of us still enjoy sharing our best shots on glossy photo albums, calendars, greeting cards, or notebook covers. Momento offers Australia and New Zealand customers an extremely easy and gratifying way of designing their own printed materials using their favorite digital photos as source.

From photo books in all shapes and sizes to all kinds of stationery, and from cookery books to gift vouchers, this proprietary designing tool combines ease of use with a high level of flexibility to suit all tastes. Thus, you can make it as easy and simple or as customized and creative as you wish, as Momento offers a convenient combination of templates and blank materials for you to choose from. All you have to do is choose your pictures (either individually or as an entire folder), the photo book, calendar, greeting card or recipe book you like best, and either let the app do all the designing for you or arrange your images and texts according to your preferences.

Images can be rotated, placed freely anywhere in the page, enhanced, resized, and moved backwards or forwards in the most intuitive way. Any change you make can be previewed in full-screen mode, and projects can be saved for later use at any time. Being but a pre-printing utility, it puts the utmost care in checking the quality of both the images you select and your final design. As it happens in professional print designing tools such as InDesign, you will be warned about any potential threat that may lower the quality of the final product, like low-resolution images, blank pages, overflowed edges, the minimum number of pages, the lack of a cover design, or of a text for the spine.

Momento will let you do a final pre-check of the overall design by creating a temporary PDF file that will give you an accurate rendition of what your entire project will look like when printed. The next and final step is to upload the master file to Momento and complete your printing order. It is a pity that, for delivery reasons, this excellent service is limited to customers located in Australia and New Zealand only, as I’m sure that a few of us in other parts of the world would love to count with such a simple yet versatile tool to design our professionally-printed photo materials.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers both templates and blank designs
  • Professional printing warnings
  • Full-screen preview
  • Photo editing tolos


  • Limited to customers in Australia and New Zealand
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